You might be wrong if you think that once you buy a leather sofa, it will last forever...might be true and it´s possible, but it is also really important how you take care of it. In spite of the fact, that the leather sofas are becoming more popular, many people are surprised, when we tell them during the cleaning process, that taking care of the sofa from the very beginning is as important as taking care of your car, shoes or anything else.

What is the purpose of cleaning the leather sofa and its treatment?

 We are using professional agents with special cleaning and antibacterial effect during the in-depth and thorough cleaning. These agents are manufactured by the company, which has more than 40 years experience in the field of leather. Thanks to these agents, allergens and acarids are eliminated, deep contamination of your leather sofa is prevented (preventing cracks as well) and the odours like sweat and smoke are neutralized.

It is important to use very gentle cleaning technique and special sponges during the cleaning of the leather sofas, seats and other leather furniture to prevent the damages to the surface of the leather. Thanks to this complex approach, which we follow unconditionally, we are able to do in-depth elimination of the dirt and stains from the surface of your leather sofa.

After the careful but thorough cleaning of your leather sofa, its surface is treated with the special agent called „Long-life Protector“, which protects, nourishes and softens the leather surface thus naturally prolonging its lifespan and beautiful look. 

We GUARANTEE the visible result after cleaning of your leather sofa.


If you don´t see the difference „before-after“ the cleaning of your leather sofa, we provide you with the cleaning for FREE. 


Home services:
  • Professional cleaning of the leather sofa followed by the leather treatment
  • Phone consultations of the problems with your leather sofa, or any other leather upholstery, solutions to the problems which arise during the cleaning
  • Reparations of the leather sofas and other leather furniture directly at the customer´s home (leather seat, leather sofa, leather stool, leather tables ...)
  • Impregnation/ treatment of the leather sofa with the long-life leather protector (prolonging the lifespan of your leather sofa of up to 40%, executed after the in-depth cleaning and is already included in the price of cleaning)
  • Colouring and other reparations of the leather sofas and leather upholstery (possibly at the customer´s home as well)
  • Sticking and sealing of the cracks on the leather sofa and leather upholstery
  • Cleaning of other specific colouring/stains of the leather sofa and leather upholstery (jeans, bullpen, newspapers , blood)
  • Degreasing, fungus/odour removal from the leather sofa and other leather upholstery
  • Quality agents for maintenance of the leather sofa and leather car upholstery

Commercial services:

  • Professional appraisal/examination of the leather quality
  • Regular cleaning and treatment of the leather seats within the facilities
  • Professional treatment of leather/imitation leather seats/sofas within the facilities (cleaning, upholstery, complex service of the leather furniture)
  • Providing of the professional leather in-depth cleaning and leather impregnation, leather reparations/renovations, leather colouring, changes of the leather colour, solving the specific leather problems (leather burns, cuts and other leather damages..) and others..


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