Myths and the truth about the leather

One shouldn´t be afraid of the leather - this material is for lifetime. The leather represents a bit of life and nature in your interior. It lasts as long as you live if you take good care of it. The leather can even get a nice age pattern, which underlines its ageing beauty.

Don´t be afraid of the feeling of cold or warm ...

The customers often say, that the leather sofa is not good, because one is sweaty in summer and too cold during the wintertime. This "super myth" arose from the negative experience during the usage of the personal vehicles with the leather seats. So called "car leather" is used in standard cars with the leather interior, which is covered by the thick protective layer and impregnated with the anti-fire chemical agent. This kind of leather doesn´t "breathe".

There is a general rule, that the leather always copies the temperature of the interior, where it is located.

Difficult care? Nonsense!

The leather sofa doesn´t need as much care as the sofas from the different materials. If you want to maintain its fresh and attractive look, you should wipe it off with the damp cloth 1-2 times a week - that´s it (avoid the regular cleaners for "everything"). On top of the regular care 2-3 times a year, you should get your sofa thoroughly cleaned and treated by the non-oily agent for nourishing the leather, if you want it to last longer.

Myth of the "higher category"

Many sellers are wrong to compare the quality of the final finish with the thickness of the leather. In general, the thickness of the leather is just one factor to judge its quality. The design of many sofas literally requires the thinner leather. Those are the sofas with the "stitched" soft design. The production technology doesn´t allow to use the thicker leather for such designs. On the other hand, there are many sofa designs, which deserve the thicker leather. Those are the designs of seamless, modern shapes or the sofas with the big plain surfaces. There are also myths about the "higher category" of leather. You should directly consult the type of leather with the manufacturer of the chosen sofa.

"Maintenance" Myth

The leather sofa made of the standard leather (corrected finish, semi-aniline finish or by-cast finish) really doesn´t require any special maintenance, because of the fact that this type of leather is protected by the thin film, which ensures semi-permeability or even impermeability of the leather coating. On the other hand, high quality finish of the leather e.g. aniline, grinded, pull-up leather require a special approach when it gets to treatment and maintenance. Porosity is the typical feature of the high quality leather. This makes the leather absorb everything that gets in touch with it - mostly irreversibly. Coffee, wine, coloured drinks, grease, oil, even the colour from the clothing. This can be avoided by using the right protection, when the sofa is still new. Contact form

"Eternity" Myth

There is no sofa, even the leather one, which would last forever. Not even 20 years as some customers may assume. The lifespan of the leather sofa depends mainly on the following:

  • leather quality
  • leather sofa usage
  • maintenance

You can prolong the lifespan of the leather up to 50%, when the maintenance is right. The most common problem is the abrasion of the leather, negatively percepted by the customers. This negative feature of the leather sofa can be rectified by the proper additional service. (Contact form).

"Perfection" Myth

The leather used for the upholstery is the natural material acquired as the secondary product from the beef-cattle intended for the food processing. One sofa is made of approximately 6 cow leathers. That means 6 different leathers from 6 different animals. It´s not an exception, that different leathers have its specifications and differences. Different structure of the leather is also a natural feature. Even the structure of parts within one leather is different. The saddle part is thicker than the flank one. This also creates a different visual effect, when such parts are connected together. Many leather sofas have visible marks of the insect bites, branch scratches, little surface veins or even the burnt out signs of the cattle breeders. All these signs are the natural proof of the originality, leather genuineness and the beautiful natural IMPERFECTIONS. If you want to buy the "visual perfection", never buy a leather sofa. The leather sofa is the natural PERFECTION.