The leather used for the production of the leather sofas is smooth, beautiful and luxurious at the same time. This natural material is used to make sofas from the day one. Our ancestors found out the unique usage for this kind of material. The technology of the leather processing is being brought to perfection and the customer can choose the exclusivity, design, luxury and exceptionality ...

As the leather is the natural material, it is always unique, because of the fact that it comes from different animals. The final touches to it are unlimited and for the simplicity in terminology we divide it into five basic qualitative categories:

  • Split finish leather
  • Corrected finish leather
  • by-cast finish leather
  • semi-aniline finish leather

· aniline finish leather

Leather sofa vs. Fabric sofa?

Many of you experience the dilemma when choosing the material for the sofa. The decision is definitely not easy. It all depends on the fact where the sofa will be situated, the intention for usage and the design. Price used to be the main criteria few years ago. In general there used to be a rule that the fabric sofa is significantly cheaper than the leather one. This is not so true anymore. The quality fabrics sometimes exceed the price of the leather. The leather sofa can be cheaper than the fabric one indeed.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of design do I want? - Modern, classic, light, rustical, soft, hard....??
  • What should be the lifespan of the sofa? - 3 years? 10 years? Do I change the interior frequently?
  • How often and precise do I want to take care of the sofa? - Once a year - twice a year? Am I going to wipe it off or hoover?
  • Will the sofa be used for sitting or also for sleeping?

If you can answer these questions, you are ready to ask the seller for what you want. There is such a big offer of leather sofas on the market, that everyone can choose the right one. The topic of the leather sofa production can´t be embraced in full scale, if the seller is not the manufacturer. The sellers tend to use different commercial and business tricks, when fighting for the customers. Therefore there are many myths, half-truth and even lies about the leather. You can read more about the myths here - Myths and the truth about the leather.